Interesting contrast ???

Interesting to read the Times today. On one page it shows something of the outcry over channel 4`s choice for the `alternative Christmas message`, the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and then on the next page (double page spread) an article naming Barack Obama as the Times Person of the Year. What a contrast these two people make; one is demonised and the other lauded; one for his speeches denouncing Israel and America and other for his speeches saying there needs to be a more conciliatory tone between America and the rest of the world.

Perhaps in this coming new year we will all be watching Barack Obama`s Presidency to see if America can actually deliver the peace we all hope for in the Middle East, but it will surely only come if there is a spirit of, and a desire for, reconciliation rather than the bullying super-power America has a reputation for.

The Americans I have met (albeit few) have seemed like decent, honest and honourable people quite undeserving of the reputation this country often has. I pray that we will see more of that side in the example set by President Obama and equally I pray that President Ahmadinejad`s words in the channel 4 speech about following the teachings of all the prophets, including Jesus, will be extended into all the policies of his government. When that happens in ALL countries then we might come closer to peace than ever before.