Friends Re~united

Excellent day yesterday when I had the chance to go to Newark for lunch and meet up with an old school friend, David Edgar. This all came about because of the website Friends Reunited, through whom I’ve made contact with other school friends. David and I haven’t seen each other for about30 years. Although we were in the same group for most of our teenage years (Edgar, Guiness and Pecka), attending the Chapel youth club and disco we drifted apart when girls came on the scene (!) and eventually all went our separate ways.

Although we heard on the grapevine how each one was doing its still taken us this long to get back in touch. The ironic thing is that David is a Vicar in Lincoln now and I’m only 30 miles (or so) away.

Anyway we had a great time over lunch just catching up and finding out how each other was doing, having a general moan about middle age and comparing notes about how coffee shops are now more preferable to night clubs !

It just goes to show how we all change over the years, often without realising it, and because change is so gradual we can easily drift apart from our school friends and others.

David and I promised to get together again in the New Year; its incumbent upon us now to ensure it happens.

In the midst of our changing lives I give thanks for a God who never changes, who never grows away from us and who always loves us, but I confess to the times I (because of my changes) have grown away from God and failed to love him the way I should. Perhaps the website friends reunited should act as a reminder to us that we all need to be reunited with God and make that a priority in our lives.