Hi, Im back !!

Sorry again to those of you who regularly visit this blog; I’m only too aware of its emptiness, but its dcown to a period of intense busyness and also getting out of the habit.

I went through a period of 8 funerals in 10 days, several meetings re. the “Reshaping for Mission” that our District is involved in, several Sundays with 3 or 4 services in them. All in all its been a very trying and tiring couple of weeks.

It amazes me how it works out like that. Throughout my Ministry its been like this; you have a period which is incredibly intense where you are running around in all directions and then suddenly you have a few days where little seems to be happening (but often you’re too exhausted to realise and enjoy).

Whats the answer ? I’m not sure I know as the demands on Ministry are varied and come from a wide background of sources, few of which are interlinked and consequently everyone and everything assumes their concern or activity is the only one that is on your agenda. And I can understand that. Why should someone in Crich know that I am busy looking after someone in Selston or vice versa. So often I cannot really tell people what I am doing as it would break confidences, and so you end up amassing more and more issues and responsibilities.

Having said all that I don’t help myself as I have two passions which drive me…………………….

The first is the people of the Ripley Methodist Circuit (including Maple Leaf House). I love the people of this Circuit and really want to do a good job for them; move them forward and make them feel good about themselves.

The second is my passion for mission and evangelism (including that which would be called Fresh Expressions). I feel that I have received such love from God and I know that He has masses and masses of love for other people. As a result I want to introduce people to the God I know in Jesus Christ and so I drive myself to find new ways of reaching out. Because of this I visit school assemblies, run training courses, seek out every opportunity to meet with people outside of the Church (including Romania) and seek to learn more myself. I also am determined that mission will NOT get lost in the general paperwork and administration and pettiness of the job of Superintendent Minister, but rather than be able to lose some of the latter I end up having to add Mission on top of this. That said I have a fantastic administrator in Lesley, who protects me from myself as well as others and who has taken so much from my shoulders in the Circuit Office. I really would not be able to evangelise without her input. Thanks Lesley (now can I have that cup of coffee ?)

How do I sum all these rambling thoughts up ? Simply be reiterating that I am in the best job in the world, working for the best boss (God) amongst some of the best people (Ripley area), alongside good friends, with a wonderful family (of whom I am hugely proud) and despite all my frustrations and frequent moaning I would not want to be doing anything else.


Finally !! To those from Codnor Chapel Bible Study who pointed out that my blog was out of date, I promised it would be updated at midnight tonight. My apologies for being 30 minutes late !! But please note that it is now up to date. Thanks for reading it. I wish more people would send me e~mails to tell me what they think of it.