What a Prat !

Wednesday gone; I’m at Sainsburys loading up with fuel, when I realised that I was putting petrol into a diesel engine !! Horrors; shop assistant advised I would be alright as long as I topped it up with diesel and in effect watered down the petrol.

I did this; got home no bother. On Thursday morning went to Codnor and various visiting culminating in a 15 mile trip to Chesterfield where the car decided not to go any more. One call to the RAC, an hours tow to Nottingham, two hours wait in the garage while the system was cleaned out and a hefty bill. All because of one piece of thoughtlessness. You can imagine the reception when I got home !

It does make me think however; how we have a choice between following God and `putting in the right info` or going our own way and fuelling ourselves with things that will harm us. God`s word contained in the Bible, the wise support of good Christian friends who will offer Godly advice (not pious) and a massive dose of prayer are the things we ought to be putting into our lives combined with love, care, compassion etc.

However we often fill our lives with things that give us a short term boost but not a long term satisfaction; things like fashion and the latest trends; the flattery of others and so on. Some will fill their lives with alcohol dependency, drug addiction, sex addiction etc. Others seek out sport, gardening and expect these to fulfill their spiritual needs whereas there is only one who can do this; Jesus Christ.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life; no~one can come to the Father except by me”. He also said “I have come to give you life, life in all its fullness.”

I urge all my readers to ensure that their lives are filled with good, wholesome Godly things because that’s when the engine of life runs smoothly.