Rotary Conference 2008

Spent the weekend at our 37th District Rotary Conference at Scarborough; bit like the curate`s egg (good in parts). Entertainment on Friday night by “Beyond the Barricades” was excellent; Unfortunately because of the weather we didn’t make it to the Saturday night entertainment, but remained in our hotel instead and had a wonderful, fun filled, laughter filled evening with friends from our Rotary Club of west Ashfield.

In between the speakers were a mixed bunch. Very good speech by our new CEO and an inspirational speech by someone heading up a charity to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer (never thought I’d be treat to the suggestion of men standing in a queue at Tescos talking about their testicles !). A very encouraging presentation by two young teenagers who have won the Young Chef of the Year award, and gthey cooked a meal while being interviewed. 14 and 16 years old.

The GSE exchange programme was introduced and we had a presentation by the young people who went to Australia which was good. However there were some speeches that were dire and I have to admit the worship this morning wasn’t particularly inspiring. However the sermon was good.

Weather terrible, hotel good, food excellent. A mixed weekend but the best part of it all was spending some quality time with fellow Rotarian’s from West Ashfield who have become good friends, even if they did spend the weekend ribbing me about diesel fuel !!