Wed 1

Monthly Prayer meeting at Swanwick tonight. Their practise is to visit 8 streets delivering through letter boxes a card which says for a particular week that street would be held in prayer. The Churches are then encouraged to pray each week for two streets, and monthly the eight named streets are prayed for by Christians meeting from all three churches. Tonight was that night, under the name Wed 1 (1st Wed of the month).

It was good to hear from Christians who have been connected with Swanwick area far longer than I have some of the concerns as we prayed around the eight streets. It was a joy to meet in the Baptist Church simply as family together, rather than as folk from different denominations.

Does it make a difference ? Sometimes we can get frustrated because our prayers aren’t answered and so we think it doesn’t work, but when we meet and share stories like tonight it is encouraging to hear of people coming to Church as a result of the faithful prayer and witness of others. I can’t explain swhy some are healed, comforted, inspired whilst others aren’t, but this I do know; God wants to hear our care and he wants to know that we love those to whom we are called to serve. It may or may not change his mind or make him more inclined to get involved (that I don’t know), but I do believe that prayer is powerful in so much as it is a direct response to Christs call to have compassion in the way that he had compassion.

Work ? I wonder ! But I will keep on praying and trusting in a God who I KNOW cares.