What a day its been ! Dad is staying with us and has celebrated his 80th birthday today. I think he’s enjoyed it although a bit embarrassed.

The old ruin

The old ruin


As its the day of the National Macmillan coffee mornings, Alison took him to Codnor and Waingrove Chapels where they each sang `Happy birthday` to him. I couldn’t spend the morning with him as I had to be collecting for Rotary`s Polio eradication campaign.

I was with him when Codnor sang and I supect he was pleased.

Those who know me will also know that my Dad is my hero; kind, caring, helpful, occasionally grumpy (but who isn’t ?) and universally popular with all who meet him. I wish I was half the guy he is. I’m so pleased that he`s achieved 80 years but now I want him to achieve his 90th, although that will mean I will be on the verge of 60 years myself. Trouble is as I feel older I’m sure he is getting younger and more energetic.