Romania Tues evening onwards

We spent Tuesday evening stripping chairs ready for repainting. The plan is that as the week progresses we will paint the chairs and reupholster them so that the Romanian people can relax more in worship. It was interesting to find that the chairs were all stamped as coming from Remploy as far back as 1970. Quite how Derby-shire chairs got out to Romania we don’t know !!

While we did this others prepared crafts ready for the following days Holiday club.

What was really bizarre was while we were doing all this outside, a herd of goats was being driven down the street at 10.00 p.m. Really bizarre !

Over the road seems to be an abattoir of sorts; Very different to what we’re used to.

Wednesday Mowed two fields each the size of Ripley Chapel + more and as they had both been used previously as ploughed fields you can imagine the state they were in.

We were taken on a tour of the village; new housing built with incredible wealth alongside shacks; poverty alongside rich. I was particularly struck by 2 metal storage containers which had been welded together to form two houses which would have housed one family of several generations. A metal storage container !!

Holiday club started this afternoon with about 15 youngsters, lively and mischievous. Ages ranged from 3-14 years old. Apparently because it is so hot here at the moment parents won’t let their children come down to the holiday club. Disappointing. Played games (with water bombs) told a story about Paul’s conversion and sang Romanian children’s songs. I can now sign using BSL in Romanian (I think).

One of the sadness-es was when we were told that the 14 year old had had an abortion earlier this year. Its regarded as a form of contraception. Very sad as sex is often seen as a way out for these young girls.

Thursday. My wedding Anniversary. Spent most of today feeling quite down because I haven’t been able to chat to Alison. Found it hard to get involved in anything, but allegedly helped Andrew clean out a `spill-a-way` water disposal system which had got blocked and we fixed mesh over the water tap area. Began to dig out the basketball court. Hope to get a photo of that in a few weeks time.

Holiday club again focused on Paul`s first missionary journey and this evening I led a Bible Study group for the Church about love. 1 John 4:7-12. Cornell, a trainee Romanian Pastor, translated for me but it felt strange delivering it in stages. Alex thought it was spot on but Heather seemed to think it was too short. Maybe Alex was just being polite.

Here we are at the end of the day and I don’t really know how to feel.