Romanian Injections

Romania gets ever closer. Today was the day to get my injections for Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, etc. and I have been as nervous as ……….. (Derby County trying to play football) !  I hate injections, but they turned out not to be so bad. Arm aches and feels `heavy` but otherwise o.k.

Its just one more piece of evidence that we’re actually going. Flying out on Monday 23rd June (6.00 a.m.) and then we’ll be there working amongst some of the children who have suffered so much over the years, who show such appreciation for all that they’re given and who will shape my life and future Ministry I have no doubt. It will be a real experience.

Please pray for me, for my fellow team members, Andrew, Sam, Jean, Janet and Louise and pray for the team that will follow us a week later to continue the work. Remember our families and the churches we all belong to but perhaps more than anything, please remember the church we’re going to and the people we’ll share our lives with and whose lives we’ll have the privilege of experiencing.

Reshaping For Mission

Please pray for the Ripley Methodist Circuit and our neighbours as we all look at the possibility of reshaping for mission. It will involve amalgamation of circuits, with all its worries and anxieties, but with some creative thinking and being prepare to be led by God then there are real possibilities for building the Kingdom of Christ. Please hold our leadership and myself in prayer at this time.


First meeting about Romania tonight; looked at the area (Poiana near Brasov) and heard about the family and church we’re going to support. For further information see   We were given details about the cost, luggage and worst of all what injections we would need !! Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE needles.

We were advised that if anyone offers to help then we need to let them know that we can’t take anything out in our cases, but we can accept money which will be used towards converting a piece of land into a grassed play area for the children of the area.

So much to do while we are there; running a holiday club, speaking to different groups, giving out gifts and much more. it promises to be hard but, I suspect, life challenging. I’m very nervous but looking forward to it.

Cafe Style Worship

Ripley Methodists first attempt at Cafe Style Worship went really well tonight. Focusing on the past leading into the future and intertwined with the impending demolition and rebuilding of the Church, there was a very positive feel to the worship. Plenty of tea/coffee and biscuits. It was noticeable that the sweets disappeared fast !!