Inspirational !!

Every now and then in life we meet someone who is truly inspirational. I have just spent the morning with a chap who lost his leg in a biking accident 5 or 6 years ago. He is now a lower limb amputee although you would never know it. Guy is embarking on a 2000 kilometre motorbike ride across  part of South~West India, from Goa to Kochi, in order to raise money for the Rainbow Trust, The Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wildlife Fund and for Adventure Ashram (which helps poverty in India). He has already raised £3,200 of his £4,500 target.

The great joy was to listen to him speak of how his accident gave him a new perspective on life, and how determined he is to make a difference. Guy has such a positive attitude to life that this morning has been truly inspirational for me. He sets out on Feb 7th for two weeks, so please hold him in prayer; for safety for him, his family who will remain in England,and for the charities he’s raising money for.