Rob Frost Memorial Service

Had the privilege of attending the memorial service for Rob yesterday. As I’ve said before Rob was a great influence on my life and Ministry (as many others would say) and I still miss him. However, yesterday was a great privilege. A time of crying and laughing, sharing and remembering. Methodist Central Hall was packed out to hear tributes from a variety of church leaders as well as working colleagues and friends. Led by Robs two sons, Andy and Chris, it was a fitting moving tribute, including dance, singing, drama, a visit by Clarence the frog, and the commissioning of those who will now carry on the work of Share Jesus International (

I found myself crying with memories of times Rob and I spent on the road together, laughing at the thoughts of how Rob would be reshaping the staff in Heaven and interfering in Gabriels work and generally praising God for all that he achieved.

It also felt good that towards the close of the event, it was almost as though Rob faded from the event. This was highly appropriate and jut what he would have wanted, for it seemed significant that the mantle of the work was passed on and so by the close of the event (almost an hour later than planned) it really was Jesus we were praising and we wer all recommitting ourselves to follow Him and continue His work. As I journeyed down I kept thinking “What would Rob have thought about this ?” He would have been selling his books, marshaling his troops, and asking us what we were doing by remembering him instead of preaching the Gospel ?? By the end of the day the Gospel was preached, shared and we were sent out with fresh determination. It was what would have been Robs heart and it was good.

So now we journey on; life without our mentor, but we journey on in the certain knowledge that what he achieved was entirely for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our job is now to continue that.

I praise God for Rob Frost, but I also praise Him for the privilege of being a part of the work of building the Kingdom of Jesus.