Newcastle United vs ………………

Stoke City 1-1 Newcastle United.   Week by week football supporters put themselves through torture or high drama or overwhelming excitement; I sometimes wonder why ?

But more than that I sometimes wonder why people in Church cannot have the same dedication. The dedication which means that they sing with enthusiasm and passion;the dedication that means that they turn out in all weather; the dedication which means that they put up with old decrepit stadiums (in some cases), sitting on hard uncomfortable seats; the dedication which means that they keep going no matter how dire the team is, because they believe that the good times are a~coming.

on the other hand I’m glad that there isn’t `win at all costs` mentality in church; nor is there a torrent of abuse hurled at the preacher when she/he descends from the pulpit (at least not in my experience) and thankfully there isn`t the over inflated wages spent on Ministers (!).

I look at football and I wish we had the same level of passion for Jesus Christ; the passion that puts him first before all else, but in many churches its passion that is lacking. I think of churches where to shout `allelujah` is frowned upon, or to burst into applause after someone has given a powerful testimony isn’t the done thing, and I despair.

Lets get the Pentecost passion back; lets invite the Holy Spirit to invade us again and lets begin to get excited about belonging to a decent team; Christians United.