Rotary Christmas Float

What a smashing evening I’ve had tonight. As a member of the West Ashfield Rotary Club I joined in with the annual Christmas float charity collection. Each year we go out every night for a fortnight plus the associated weekends at Tibshelf Service Station on the M1. This is always a time of fun and good natured banter, involving Santa Claus, his reindeer (Rudolph) assisted by a car, silly santa claus hats and a lot of laughter. Now we’re into our second week and have raised something in the region of £1800 which will be given to various good causes over the coming year.

 I value my Rotary membership (Service before Self) and evenings like tonight remind me of why I joined in the first place. I thank God for organisations such as Rotary International. For more information about our club go to   

Are we losing Christianity ?

Interested in this article I came across on the BBC website, http://news. 1/hi/uk_politics /7125521. stm about an MP wanting to ensure that Christianity has an equal place within our society.

 I’m NOT in favour of this country being labelled as a Christian country as I believe that we are indeed multi~faith, but I do get frustrated that sometimes the politically correct brigade push the Christian faith to the margins because of the fear that we might `upset` other faith communities. I spent 5 years in Oldham, living on the edge of a large Muslim community and sending my children to a school which was predominatly other faiths. I found so much love and grace there. It was wonderful and I would count many members of the Muslim community as friends because of the generosity of spirit I found there. Yes, we disagreed over theology but still shared a common humanity which was wonderful.

I sometimes wonder if this whole drive towards pushing Christianity to the fringes comes more from groups like the national secular society hidden behind the cloak of `fairness`.

I will fight tooth and nail for the right of other faiths to have a voice, but I also plead for Christianity to have equal say. 

Dad, update

Thankyou for holding Dad in prayer. His operation seems to have been a success and he now has 90% mobility in his leg. Please pray that he will soon be released from hospital (at least for the nurses’ sake !!)