Selston Scout Christingle

Had a lovely evening worship tonight, at the Selston Scouts first ever Christingle service. This was held at Dove Green (otherwise known as Middle Chapel), one of the two Methodist Churches in the village of Selston. We had fun using signs for candle, light and Christ so that every time during the service any of the three were mentioned they had to use the appropriate sign (adults included). It was great fun, especially as the carols I had picked seemed to mention light regularly, I referred to the candle of the CHRISTingle and CHRISTmas quite often.

They did well to keep up and even caught me out once or twice. It was a fun, lively service followed by refreshments and together with the collection £69 was raised for Childline.

For many youngsters Church comes across as boring (indeed for many adults as well) but hopefully tonight they will have caught something of a glimpse of how much fun a Church family can have, and yet still worship God.

Dove Greens website if you’re interested in looking is