Derbyshire Young Carers

Had a pleasant couple of hours at lunchtime today, as my Rotary club paid for 12 young people who belong to the Derbyshire Young Carers scheme, to go 10 pin bowling.

 This scheme exists to help those young people, whose lives are full of the responsibility of caring for others, enjoy a bit of time doing the things that other young people would do.

They were full of fun and very chatty. Along with their helpers who organise the events they joined in with the bowling and especially the food afterwards. One young man didn’t show up so I was persuaded to take his place!  For an hour today I was a young 12 year old lad ! Doesn’t bear thinking about does it ??

Chatting afterwards about football I found these young people to be charming, polite, well mannered and incredibly grateful for the small gesture we had offered. They even signed a thank you card for me to take back to the club next week.

I feel very proud today having had the opportunity to offer something to young lives and I thank the Lord for each of those young people.

By the way…………….. I won !!!  However, I suggested to Jermaine that he ought to claim the credit; after all I am an old fogey ! The worrying thing is he agreed !