The Malt Cross

First day of my sabbatical and I ventured down into Nottingham on the evening to attend a meeting at The Malt Cross, which is a Christian run pub in the centre of Nottingham (St. James St, just off the Market Square). Apparently it was one of the worst pubs in Nottingham, not so long ago, with real violence involving drinkers throwing glasses from the balcony into the bar below !!

Howver, it now retains its decor (which is pretty spectacular), its pub menus and drinks, all combined with a Christian ethos. There is nothing lying around to suggest a Christian base, such a leaflets or church notices, but the whole ethos is contained in the staff and their relationships with whoever comes for a drink and a meal.

We were told of how conversations would arise and people would be comforted, counselled, encouraged by Christian bar staff and management. This is Christianity at its best, not preaching, but getting alongside people.

May I recommend The Malt Cross to you all next time you`re in town. Look it up, enjoy the atmosphere, have a meal and a drink. Its a pretty special place.