One Week Down !!

Well, the first week is over; 1 week gone and only 11 left !

Seriuously, it has been a wonderful pleasure not having to worry over anything in the circuit or any of the churches this week. Woke up early on Monday morning (in fact I haven`t had a lie in yet !) and it felt very strange to be able to have a leisurely breakfast, wander out for my paper and generally relax.

All week I’ve followed the same pattern, walking the dog, reading the paper, catching up on the telly and generally `chillin-out` as the youngsters would call it. Personally, I call it `slobbing` but, hey, I don`t care.

However on Monday evening I went to `The Malt Cross` in St. James Street, Nottingham, where the latest Fresh Expressions seminar was held. The Malt Cross is a Christian run pub. More about this on my Fresh Expressions page.

Started reading a book about the history of Christian Spirituality. It looks promising.

Ended the week by visiting Dad in the North East, meeting some old school friends, Chapel coffee morning and worshipping in my home Chapel on Sunday which was led by Rev. Terry Hurst, the Minister who was there when I candidated. It was good to see Terry again. He preached on making a difference, and I`m not sure if he will ever fully understand the difference he made to my life, with his care for us as a family when my youngest daughter was born, and later with his wisdom when I felt called to the Ministry.

So, all in all, its been a good week and a good start.

Only sad note is that I visited Alisons Dad in hospital. He`s not good at all really. Please hold him, Freda, Alison and Stuart in your prayers at this time, that the right decisions will be made.

Off to Lincoln tonight for the next part of my `Mission shaped Ministry` course. Tell you all about it next time.